Dr Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam )

Dr Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam )
Sounds of The Ether

The sound vibrations of Sounds of the Ether by Gurunam, open the doors to opportunity, fortune and realization of dreams and ambitions. When you chant them, you are calling upon the divine helping hand to assist you in attracting true happiness.

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Dr Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam )
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The sound vibrations on this cd open the doors to opportunity, good fortune and the realization of one's dreams and ambitions. When you chant and/or listen to them, you are calling upon the divine helping hand to assist you in attracting true happiness. As a result, you will be blessed with a fulfilling and successful earthly life.

Ad Such removes the blocks to success, prosperity and inner peace by surrounding you with positive cosmic energies. As you chant and/or listen to Ad Such, you call on the beneficial forces of the universe to work in your best interest and come to your aid, thereby helping you to fulfill your worldly dreams and ambitions. Opportunities begin to come to you in unexpected ways. Ad Such also helps to develop the intuition you need to guide you through complex situations.

I am That I am is a powerful mantra. It is the revelation that Moses had in the burning bush: "Yahveh," and is also what Jesus meant when he said, "I and my Father are One." I am That I am connects you with your own spiritual force, creating inner harmony and protection in every aspect of your life. Those who meditate on "I am That I am" are existence itself. Such individuals are without form, without quality, without past, present or future. In other words, this mantra relates the finite identity of the first I am with the infinite identity of the second I am. The first I am, then, is the personal reference. The second I am relates the "I" of self-identity to the "am" of the existence of being.

As I am That I am becomes firmly fixed in the mind, all restrictive bonds and limitations are removed. I am That I am heightens your sense of personal relatedness to the cosmic as it connects you with the healing energy of the universe and showers you with angelic gifts and blessings. I am That I am is the essence of truth and the nature of reality. Chanting and/or listening to it will connect you with the higher world and surround you with the beneficial light of heaven.

Hari is another name for Vishnu, and is the aspect that forgives past actions and destroys the negative deeds of those who take refuge in him. Thus, Hari is a redeemer and a guide to personal salvation, as well as the preserver of the world. Chanting and/or listening to this mantra will heal a broken heart by washing away the pain and sadness of the past. It helps to balance your emotions and assists you in your love and family life. Therefore, it can help you attract a fulfilling relationship. Hari creates the energy of expansion, abundance and spirituality in the aura, while opening the heart center and nourishing your whole being with the light of harmony. Blessings and success in love and career are bestowed upon you. You will feel the sunshine illuminate your true self and entire life.

Aim is the bij mantra of Saraswati, the source of all learning and knowledge of art and music. She is Brahma's consort, involved with the creation of new ideas and things. She is also responsible for bestowing wisdom and knowledge. Often written as Ehm, Aim is the dispeller of sorrow. In particular, it affects the thymus gland, and has a beneficial influence on the heart center. Therefore, it can be helpful in relieving heart disorders.

1. Ad Such [11:00]
2. I Am [11:00]
3. Aim [11:00]
4. Hari Har [11:00]
5. The Fire of Prayer [11:00]




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