House of Awareness

House of Awareness
Japa Mala Balancing Love - Ocean Jasper, Rhodonite, Blue Goldstone and Leopard Skin Agate

This beautiful mala Balancing Love with different gemstones is specially made by hand and unique with specific qualities. An ornament to let you shine, soothe your thoughts and strengthen your meditations and yoga.

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House of Awareness
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The mala's of House of Awareness are made by hand with love and care. Every mala is unique with specific qualities, specially made to let you shine, calm thoughts and strengthen meditations. You can clean the mala once in a while by placing it in the moonlight during the full moon. Then the stones will recharge completely!

The gems in your Mala:

Ocean Jasper
Jasper works earthing and protective. The stone absorbs negative energy, cleans the chakras and the aura. Jasper balances yin and yang, makes sincere, honest, helpful and creates balance in body, soul and spirit. The stone stimulates the imagination and converts ideas into action. Furthermore, the stone makes astral travel easier.
The ocean jasper is connected to the 4th (heart) chakra and invites to self-love and the love for others. It heals emotions, brings a sense of basic peace and increases our connection with nature and the earth. Physically, ocean jasper detoxifies and has a positive effect on the hormone system, glands, organs and digestion.

Rhodonite is good for the heart and heart chakra, it cleans and activates them and shows conflicts on both sides of the matter. The stone is a powerful wound healer for both emotional and physical wounds. Rhodonite calms and helps keep the head cool in shocking events, dangerous and threatening situations, panic, confusion, fear and danger. It helps forgive and stimulates reconciliation, mutual understanding and friendship. In addition, anger, annoyance, hatred and revenge are also reduced. This stone balances yin and yang, energizes and helps you to achieve your goal in a loving way. Physically, the stone has a beneficial effect on insect bites, heart, blood circulation, stomach ulcers, bones, hearing and autoimmune diseases.

Blue Goldstone
Goldstone gives hope, promotes a positive outlook on life and is uplifting. The stone promotes individuality and ambition and helps you to achieve your goals. Goldstone also brings resignation, self-esteem and fortitude. In panic, this stone is a real rustender. Physically, gold stone has a positive effect on the stomach, kidneys, reproductive organs and prostate. And it is a good stone for breathing, lungs and tightness, even in the case of the heart's anxiety.

Leopard Skin Agate
Agate is a grounding, stabilizing and protective stone. The stone promotes inner peace and a calm and down-to-earth attitude. It stimulates spiritual and spiritual growth by stimulating self-reflection and urges to distance and view more objectively. It promotes rational and logical thinking, concentration, analytical ability and helps to find practical solutions.
Leopard Skin Agate gives courage to tackle problems in an assertive way and offers support in an inevitable conflict. The stone teaches you to think quickly and promotes organizational skills. Leopard Skin Agate increases natural resistance, maintains health and generates respect. Brings balance and harmony into the environment. The aura and chakras are brought into balance, and that makes astral travel easier. Medicinal in blood diseases, prevent miscarriage, pregnancy vomiting.

Method: Handmade
Materials: Gemstones


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