Patty Jongemaets

Patty Jongemaets
Virtue Yoga

This first yoga book, Virtue Yoga, by Patty Jongemaets is a beautifully illustrated book. The virtues are deepened by chapter. It contains exercises, mantras and meditations from Kundalini, Hatha and Dru yoga that enable the virtue to flourish.

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Patty Jongemaets
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ISBN 9789081223898
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Patty Jongemaets is the founder of Virtue Yoga, inspired by the 100 virtues described by Linda Popov, the developer of the Virtues Project International.

This book Virtue Yoga is a beautifully illustrated book, in which Patty has designed lessons in a personal and inspiring way around twelve virtues: openness, detachment, understanding, courage, temperance, self-confidence, joy, beauty, kindness, gratitude, compassion and love.

Each chapter describes a specific virtue, which is explained in more detail on the basis of a reflection map. Additionally, Patty gives a personal introduction and tips on breathing, nutrition and wellness that are specifically aimed at the described virtue. Then follows a full yoga class with breathing exercises, mantras, meditation and yoga exercises, where the yoga exercises are explained and illustrated with beautiful pictures. Various forms of yoga are used: Kundalini, Hatha and Dru yoga and specifically applied to that virtue that is most supported by the specific type of yoga. That means more Kundalini yoga on the virtue Courage and Hatha yoga when dealt with the virtue Friendliness.

In short: a book with inspiring Virtue Yoga classes with balanced exercises to balance mind and body in your daily life. By giving conscious attenttion to your virtues during breathing and yoga exercises, you will learn to apply these properties in your daily life better and better.
Virtue Yoga is literally a guide for a valuable life!



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